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i got inspired by the astral observatory

Who are you, really? Underneath all of that?

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Snowed in for the weekend and drawing lots

anyway stan gay future

[ID: a brown-haired pale skinned boy resembling chad from gay future with a dark blue jacket and ripped jeans sitting with one arm up near his hood. He is barefoot and looking left. The background is purple. End ID]

[id: a sketchy colored pencil drawing of Jester from Critical Role on a yellow background. she’s a chubby blue tiefling with curly hair, freckles, and goat ears. end id]

i rarely if ever post fanart these days but have a lovely jester this morning

year in review!

art style experimentation

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what's its name? your name.

I wanna post art but h

for a hot second I couldn’t remember the url for waterfall and I panicked

gee a lotta things have changed since I’ve been here

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Zillow doesn't have a section for "secluded Witch Hovels" and it offends me

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upon further investigation "goblin hideouts" are also excluded from the Zillow Database

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Dont forget to thank the universe from time to time! She appreciates it.

🅱️ungeons and 🅱️ragons